The Zelens skincare range created by the prestigious Dr. Marko Lens ...

  • A Shiso-infused cleansing liquid balm formulated to thoroughly cleanse the skin and help remove impurities and make-up. Enriched with a fusion of essential oils, this daily cleanser transforms into a light milk when mixed with water to instantly deliver moisture and help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Leaves skin purified, soft, smooth and...

    65.00 €
  • Pads Exfoliantes con PHA Zelens. La próxima generación de pads exfoliantes con PHA (polihidroxiácidos). Este tratamiento de rejuvenecimiento de un solo paso desarrollado por el Dr. Marko Lens exfolia suavemente la piel mientras se restaura su vitalidad sin causar irritación. Mejora la descamación de la piel, ayuda a reducir la apariencia de líneas finas y...

    85.00 €
  • Exfoliation and moisturisation in one formula: Efficacious skin renewal without stripping moisture! A gentle skin renewal formula developed to effectively remove dead surface cells by combining enzymatic exfoliation with microdermabrasion using fine silica beads. Infused with an advanced hydrating complex to help rehydrate skin and restore its...

    68.00 €
  • Refresh and rehydrate thirsty skin with a few spritzes of Zelens’ PROVITAMIN D Fortifying Facial Mist. Zelens Provitamin D Mist is an ultra-fine facial mist formulated to give skin a vitality boost with pro-vitamin D for a healthy-looking complexion. Provitamin D hydrating mist reinforces skin barrier function, helps protect from environmental aggressors...

    65.00 €
  • Zelens Z Balance is a multi-benefit facial mist with a unique, symbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics supports skin’s natural defences and replenishes moisture.  Zelens Z Balance makes skin appear smoother, supple and noticeably revived, every time it is used.

    58.00 €
  • An ultimate blend of 22 precious oils carefully chosen by Dr. Marko Lens for their unique properties. This lightweight formula reinforces the skin’s natural barrier and provides an extra boost of moisture revealing instantly plumped skin with a velvety smooth finish. Replenishing oils with their potent anti-aging power rebuild the skin and help restore a...

    85.00 €
  • A potent antioxidant serum formulated with a unique blend of synergistic ingredients to help fight against three types of free radicals (ROS, RNS, RCS) and defend from environmental assaults. This lightweight, hydrating formulation supports natural collagen production and combats the effects of glycation to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    160.00 €
  • Based on a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients, this advanced serum visibly brightens, smoothes and hydrates the skin. Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and discolouration, evens skin tone and enhances radiance, while refining skin texture. Leaves skin brighter, clearer, softer an younger-looking.

    170.00 €
  • A new intensive night serum formulated to maximise skin’s natural repair. Supercharged with melatonin and a powerful blend of restorative ingredients to reinforce the skin's protective barrier and target visible signs of damage from stress and daily environmental assaults.

    195.00 €
  • A revolutionary anti-aging formula developed by Dr. Marko Lens based on the research inspired by a Nobel-prize winning discovery on the role of telomeres in aging. Telomeres are DNA sequences regulating the life of the cells. Telomere protection helps maintain healthy cell division and extends cells’ youthful life span. Powered by unique complex of potent...

    195.00 €
  • This advanced research anti-aging formula helps minimize the visible signs of ageing. Deeply hydrating, it promotes firmness and elasticity, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves skin smoother and younger-looking. Rich in multiple active ingredients derived from 15 different plants, 5 algae and 7 herbal oils. BenefitsFirms and...

    125.00 €
  • This lifting face and neck formula combines powerful high-performance active ingredients together with a proprietary firming botanical blend. A potent complex of results-driven ingredients works in a balanced synergy to strengthen the collagen architecture (a major structural component of the skin) for a clinically proven firming and remodeling effect....

    150.00 €