Oriental Vanilla 

Oriental Vanilla

This group unites sweet perfumes, built on harmony of oriental notes (wood, resins, flowers and spices) and sweet components: caramel, vanilla, chocolate, almonds, honey…

  • Olfactory family: Oriental Vanilla.  Thrillingly tempting, Flagrant Délice is infused with almond milk and sun-ripened fig. An alluring combination of modern materials with natural ingredients creates a rich blend.Instantly, the bitter almond essence gives a carnal hint with notes of bergamot and mandarin giving balance. In the heart, Mediterranean fig,...

    128.00 €
  • Olfactory family: Oriental Vanilla. The opening is crisp, brisk and lemon-spiked - a dark, smoky tea with a breezy float of jasmine. Very modern and very cool until a soothing infusion of honey and milky vanilla Appears, adding a soft, sweet, understated warmth That Enhances the tea, rather than overwhelming it. Touches of cedar, guaiac wood and tonka...

    107.00 €


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