Woody Aromatic 

Woody Aromatic

A very masculine union of wood and aromatic notes is characteristic of fragrances for men. Opulent center and base open with aromatic herbs.

  • Olfactory family: Wood Aromatic.  A fragrance just full of character created in homage to the history of Ibiza and the Phoenicians, who traded in cedarwood.A vibrant blend of cedarwood and sandalwood with a spicy character of ginger and cinnamon makes it a scent that simply exudes strength and warmth.A virile and elegant composition. Top notes: Basil,...

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  • Olfactory family: Wood Aromatic.  A natural wax candle scented with essence of cedar. Presented in a luxurious glass candleholder, diffusing a pleasant and long-lasting perfume throughout your home.  200 gr. -Duration: 50 hours. Cotton wick. Top notes: Basil, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon and lime.Middle notes: Ginger and cinnamon.Base notes: Sandalwood,...

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  • “His breath fogged the window while he watched new snow fall upon the frozen lake. He came here to catch up on his writing and escape the city. At that moment, the fireplace crackled, ice settled in his glass and his thoughts made their way back to the ink.”Oolang Infini, a full-bodied, mysterious concoction, captures blue tea and bergamot in the warmth...

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  • Olfactory family: Woody Aromatic.  «He was alerted immediately and called on the case, another diamond stolen mysteriously. The moment he opened the dossier, a smile sparked in his deep eyes as he recognized her signature mark. He took one of his passports, burned the file and began the pursuit. This time she wouldn’t get away…»-Vétiver Fatal, a secret...

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  • Olfactory family: Woody Aromatic. A place suspended between a beautiful garden of the Middle East, the Garden of Allah, and the silence of the desert. Top notes: Bergamot, petit grain, jasmine and mandarin.Middle notes: Birch, sage and musk.Base notes: Vetiver and oak moss.

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  • Olfactory family: Wood Aromatic.  A spectacular encounter Between Vetiver and Sea Salt.The spicy and invigorating freshness of Cardamom and Grapefruit. The beauty of Haitian and Bourbon Vetiver: fresh, piquant, woody and smoky. The fascinating originality of a Sea Salt accord: Solar and mesmerizing.A daring fragrance, uniquely interpreted by the wearer....

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