Face skincare

  • BIOEFFECT® EGF EYE SERUM is a powerful, revitalizing anti-ageing formula, specifically developed to target the delicate eye area.The refreshing, gel-like formulation immediately rebalances moisture levels leaving the skin looking radiant and firm, while providing long term, anti-ageing effect, thanks to the proven cellular activators inside.Reduces...

  • A new generation in daily sunscreen that provides broad spectrum defence against both UVA and UVB rays, as well as protecting from pollutants, free radicals and environmental damage. Suitable for all skin types and skin tones, the fast-absorbing, oil free formula firms, brightens, hydrates and lifts the skin. Use in place of your daily moisturiser or...

  • The exfoliating particles in Bioeffect Volcanic Exfoliator are designed to gently clean impurities from the skin’s surface, unclog pores and remove dry and dead skin cells, revealing the fresh skin cells underneath. Those cells are more receptive of cellular activating signals, such as the EGF cellular activator. Regular exfoliation with Bioeffect...

  • Have you ever used a lip exfoliator in a stick form? We suggest you give it a try. Organic ingredients blended with tiny granules of volcanic stone powder, gently exfoliate the lips leaving a smooth, kissable surface in its place. Follow up with a conditioner of your choice to seal in moisture and bring your pout back into balance.Presented in a handy,...

  • NIGHT CREAM...  Soothe is a rich, luxurious cream that provides a healing environment for skin while calming inflammation, reversing environmental damage and encouraging skin’s natural healing process. Infused with QuSome™ technology that delivers nutrients in their active state to the dermal layers, this luxurious cream works overnight to improve skin’s...

  • A luxurious cream helps nourish mature skin and softens very dry skin on all age groups. Contains Beta-glucan a rare ingredient in skincare products to stimulate the formation of collagen. Vitamin B5 repairs while Vitamin A reduces the signs of ageing. Squalene and sweet almond oil moisturise and citrus oils to help reduce pigmentation and age spots. This...

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  • This groundbreaking product helps to repair the skins natural barrier adding softness and smoothness. It is completely fragrance free but has a unique aroma created by its natural ingredients. It contains powerful anti-oxidants ten times higher than red grapes making it the strongest defence against free radicals that can damage the skin. It also acts as...

  • This advanced wrinkle solution is a luxurious buttery cream that melts into your skin. It rejuvenates the natural moisturising system deep within the epidermis and helps to firm the surface layers. Aquaporin activators have been designed to rebuild the skins moisture content to correct levels, so that wrinkles appear to melt away. These activators work by...

  • BIOEFFECT® EGF DAY SERUM is an advanced anti-ageing serum, which delivers multiple anti-ageing benefits during daytime use. It restores the skin’s moisture balance and provides a smooth finish, perfect for applying make-up.

  • Reveal brighter, hydrated, younger-looking skin with our deeply hydrating Moisture Mask. This intense skin boost is designed to be used twice a week or whenever skin feels thirsty and dehydrated. With an advanced complex of skin quenchers to swiftly restore the skin's moisture balance and defend against future dryness, dull dehydrated skin is actively...

  • RIVOLI Cleasing Foam is an innovative cleansing formulation leaving your skin healthy and free of all impurities thanks to non abrasive micro beads. Suitable for all skin types.

  • RIVOLI Relaxing Tonic is an alcohol free lotion for toning and refreshing the skin. Rivoli Relaxing Tonic stimulating the skin’s natural capacity to protect itself,  removes all impurities and leaves skin perfectly moisturized, soothed and smooth.