Hugh Parsons 

Hugh Parsons

Tradition and elegance of English gentleman by the prestigious Hugh Parsons tailor.

  • Olfactory family: Citrus Aromatic. A fresh and vibrant fragrance for the dynamic moments of days. Its citrus top notes with aromatic essences create an attractive, energetic and sporty atmosphere.After the first application of "Piccadilly" emerges a sparkling scent of lemon, rosemary and cedar wood which is then confused with lavender, vetiver and...

    90.00 €
  • Olfactory family: Citrus Aromatic. Hugh Parsons "traditional" is a perfect combination of sparkling citrus notes with powerful woody notes. A fragrance that exudes an aura everywhere for reliability, elegance and charm britático. The fine composition of fresh green lemon, mandarin, black currant and herbal notes notes blend with a heart of pepper,...

    90.00 € 76.50 €
  • Olfactory family: Spicy Wood. One of the most famous shopping streets of London where department stores with hundreds of small shops and bustle of shopping and business people meet, make an always-on Oxford Street and moving street.Hugh Parsons wanted to create a fragrance for this famous street since the nineteenth century for its shopping and commerce....

    90.00 €
  • Olfactory family: Floral Green. 99. Regent Street embodies the traditional style of Hugh Parsons in a warm fragrance with fresh floral but masculine notes.A fragrance that perfectly symbolizes the dynamic and elegant Bloomsbury, both for everyday and for special occasions.His vivid and pure notes are developed through out the mastic, spicy geranium and...

    90.00 €
  • Olfactory family: Oriental Woody. Hyde Park is the largest and greenest Royal Park in London: huge, wonderful and evocative. The different kind of plants, the large thematic garden, such as the Rose Garden, offer a visual and olfactory sensations, absolutely unique.These are the features that inspired perfumer Maurizio Cerizza to create a completely...

    90.00 €


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