• Kind on the skin, these specially woven Muslin Cloths are made from 100% cotton to gently exfoliate and help to improve blood circulation, cleanse and tone leaving the skin exceptionally soft, smooth and better prepared for the application of serums and creams.

    20.00 €
  • 3 ORGANIC COTTON MUSLIN TOWELS... To complete your cleansing routine, Hortensia offers you these organic cotton muslin cloths. Three cotton cloths to gently rinse the soap while friction removes impurities and gently exfoliates leaving skin radiant. The rotation of two cloths is recommended, which must be washed regularly to avoid contamination.  

    12.50 €
  • Pestle & Mortar cloths are a double sided multi-purpose facial cloths that help maximise the benefits of your cleansers to leave skin feeling clean and rejuvenated. The cleansing cloth features a naturally exfoliating muslin side and a smoother cotton side for polishing and perfecting your complexion. (100% Cotton)

    15.00 €
  • Buff and polish your skin to perfection, with these double-sided cleansing cloths. Designed for use with Emma’s Moringa Cleansing Balm, they help to gently remove all traces of makeup and daily grime. Emma Hardie’s Lift and Sculpt Cleansing Cloths leave your skin clean, smooth and supple. With a mildly abrasive muslin side to gently exfoliate dry, lined,...

    23.00 €
  • Seamless Leggings are realized with Emana the nano fibre with bio active crystals embedded inside the fabric. In contact with skin, the fabric absorb the heat from human body to return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R.).These rays penetrate the skin stimulating microcirculation and cellular metabolism, without any side effects to biological...

    190.00 €