The Dr. Lens make-up range

  • The ultimate lip treatment of Zelens that helps achieve perfectly refined, irresistibly sensual lips. Visibly enhances colour, volume, moisture and definition. Infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves to help shield against environmental assaults. Application: Apply evenly on lips.

    40.00 € 34.00 €
  • Long-lasting, collagen-building lip treatment with superior shine. Moisturises and improves lip texture, volume and shape. Infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves to help shield against environmental assaults. Leaves lips smoother, fuller and deliciously coloured and glossy.

    37.00 € 31.45 €
  • Zelens The Blush is a velvety, delicate true-to-colour powder blusher that highlights features while adding a lasting healthy natural glow. Infused with Baobab pulp to enhance volume, moisture and smoothness. 

    48.00 € 40.80 €
  • The ultimate treatment mascara of Dr. Marko Lens. Conditions, lengthens, volumises and separates lashes. Contains a unique peptide complex to help promote lash growth. The specially designed brush and high-tech formula work in synergy to give lashes perfect definition without batting an eyelash. Water-resistant. Application: Apply to the lashes from base...

    45.00 € 38.25 €
  • Zelens Glow Foundation is the next generation, reviving treatment foundation helps reduce signs of stress and fatigue while creating a perfectly smooth, even-toned complexion with glowing finish. Enriched with a unique complex of powerful ingredients to instantly add luminosity and smooth skin's texture. Infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves...

    78.00 € 66.30 €
  • A supreme skin-perfecting treatment foundation that helps combat the signs of aging while creating a younger-looking complexion with flawless finish. Powered with a unique complex of potent anti-aging ingredients, this moisture-enhancing formulation helps restore skin firmness and elasticity and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infused...

    85.00 € 72.25 €
  • Inspired by Zelens Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream, Active Concealer instantly helps to correct the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Boosts hydration in the delicate eye area while providing long-lasting, natural medium-to-full coverage.

    45.00 € 38.25 €
  • Mattifying & Pore Refining.Advanced shine-control treatment primer creates an immaculate canvas with a velvet-smooth matte finish for a long-lasting make-up. Instantly refines pores, absorbs excess sebum and improves skin texture. Infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves to help shield against environmental assaults.

    55.00 € 46.75 €
  • Zelens Satin Primer is a divine revitalising treatment primer creates an unparalleled canvas with a radiant satin-soft finish. Instantly amplifies skin's luminosity, increases moisture and refines skin's surface. 

    55.00 € 46.75 €