Wendy identified early on that she needed super charged high-performance hair care that could provide instant hair repair and visible results

  • ILES FORMULA signature SHAMPOO was created by selecting the most exclusive, high performing antioxidant-rich ingredients to work for all ages and hair types. ILES FORMULA Shampoo immediately detangles + repairs + protects hair while providing manageability and a luscious silky texture.

  • ILES FORMULA signature CONDITIONER is the reason ILES FORMULA care range was born. Ideal for ALL HAIR TYPES, this conditioner was designed to INSTANTLY turn damaged, straw-like hair into spun silk perfection. Put to the test on the world’s most famous women – on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers – this formula repairs + revitalizes even...

  • There’s no better way to protect ALL HAIR TYPES from environmental assaults than with my signature FINISHING SERUM. Hand-picked, custom blended ingredients including vitamins, nut oils, silk, and ceramide, feed hair with nothing but goodness without ever weighing it down. This paraben free formula creates a screen against UV rays, humidity and free...

  • For wavy, curly or spiraled hair, Wendy Iles have developed an haute performance ILES FORMULA Curl Revive spray. Iles Formula Curl Revive spray defines curls while gently conditioning them, resulting in smooth, soft, shiny locks that don't feel heavy or stiff.

  • The Iles Turban Towel is very practical for removing excess water quickly and gently from hair at home, the gym or after swimming. It also is the perfect towel to keep hair protected while removing makeup and cleansing skin.