Lixirskin is a mix of universal essentials for everyday skin needs and targeted night care for skin concerns.

  • Lixirskin has gone one step furdther to isolate its acid form, L Ascorbic Acid 10%, into a paste, which is more potent than the derivatives you're likely to spot on the market. For plump, radiant skin, apply each morning after cleansing, leaving on a few minutes longer to boost its efficacy. Vitamin C Paste Neutralises oxidised sebum and proteins to...

    39.00 €
  • Polluting nanoparticles, dirt, heavy metals and free radicals roaming in urban atmospheres have a positive electric charge. Lixir Skin's 'Electrogel Cleanser' is cleverly formulated with a slight negative charge to pick up unwanted toxins like a magnet and also doubles as a face mask. Use it at the end of the day for a truly purified, and soothed complexion.

    29.00 €
  • If you need an all-day moisturizer, overnight repair cream and serum base in one, Lixir Skin's 'Universal Emulsion' is your emulsion. Light yet intensely nourishing, this dewy formula shields the skin from UV and environmental stressors to generate free radicals and has SPF10 without any added sunscreens, making it ideal as a primer too. Use it on the...

    49.00 €
  • Lixir Skin's anti-aging 'Night Switch Retinol 1%' is formulated to regulate skin's metabolism in both the top layers to refine texture, help reverse signs of sun damage and boost protein production in order to create volume and firmness.

    36.00 €
  • Lixir Skin's Night Switch PHA/AHA 10% is blended from just three acids to exfoliate and dislodge dead and strongly pigmented cells, and encourage renewal. Use it nightly for two weeks and you can expect your complexion to feel softer, smoother and fuller. Gradually you'll notice fine lines, age spots and pores visibly reducing, too.

    24.00 €
  • Lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber is a rub-off formula that combines enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation to leave your skin impeccable.  3-step magic: First, keratolytic enzymes break down the keratin of dead cells that blocks pores. This then allows the white clay – the simplest yet supreme skin saviour - to clear congestion, draw out impurities and reduce...

    32.00 €