Haircare Brands 

Haircare Brands

Exceptional hair treatments

  • ORIBE Repair Shampoo Reawaken your hair to its glossiest, healthiest prime. This shampoo has been designed to cleanse hair, bringing it back to full strength and helping to remove impurities. Made with argan, maracuja and cypress extracts, Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo balances the hair and scalp in order to fortify and strengthen both.

    56.00 €
  • CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Cleansing Mask with Lemon Crème Lavante au Citron is detergent-free and has an acid pH for the ultimate No-Poo hair care. It maintains your color’s radiance and deeply nourishes the hair fibers. Lemon Zest extracts clean hair and scalp and help to rebalance pH, while soothing Chamomile and St. John's wort extracts prevent loss of...

    36.00 €
  • ORIBE Colored Hair Shampoo Oribe Beautiful Color Sampoo is an ultra-gentle shampoo for ultra-beautiful colour, this clever cleanser features high-tech ingredients that target damaged areas, imparting intense moisture and colour protection. 

    50.00 €
  • PRE-SHAMPOO HAIR OIL...  Give your hair an intense shot of moisture with this satisfyingly thick, Rose-scented oil. Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment for dry, over-processed hair or smooth on before you hit the pool or beach to protect your hair from the drying and damaging effects of chlorine and sea salt.Pre-shampoo treatment. Tames dry, frizz-prone...

    35.20 €
  • SHAMPOO No.1: L’HYDRATATION is a luxury shampoo developed for the needs of all normal and dry hair types, espe­cially hair which is tired from being overworked, treated or exposed to frequent blow-drying. The formula contains pure low-lather foaming agents made for sensitive skin. It prepares the hair to absorb moisture much more deeply than other...

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    35.00 €
  • REPAIRING SHAMPOO FOR COLORED AND DAMAGED HAIR...  Shampooing Reviviscence of Leonor Greyl uses only the finest natural ingredients to revive even the most dehydrated and brittle hair. Amaranth extracts rich in sugars and vitamins B & C moisturize and condition, while the Sea Lavender, rich in amino acids, hydrates and helps to prevent static...

    53.00 €
  • ORIBE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo ORIBE Serene Scalp Shampoo is a gentle treatment cleanser, formulated with salicylic acid, relieves and prevents dandruff while soothing dry, itchy, irritated scalp. The result: healthy, hydrated hair with no trace of flakes. Instructions: Apply and massage into wet hair from scalp to ends. Rinse thoroughly.

    50.00 €
  • CONDITIONER No.1: L’HYDRATATION - Its high performance formula has a creamy and rich texture. It penetrates the hair deeply to lock in moisture, fortifying the structure from within while making styling easier without weighing down the hair or leaving residue. For normal and dry hair.Directions: Apply Conditioner No.1 to clean wet hair, concentrating...

    38.00 €
  • SPRAY No.2: LE VOLUME - FOR VISIBLY THICKER AND VITALISED HAIRWITH AN AIRY FEEL.  Its fluid and light formula provides volume and suppleness without making hair sticky. Hair feels revitalised, gets a bouncy finish and a silky shine. An ideal daily treatment for fine and limp hair or to enhance volume and provide a glamour effect to any type or style of...

    35.00 €
  • CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Regenerating mask Christophe Robin's regenerating mask deeply nourishing formula leaves hair shiny and protected without weighing it down. Blended with Prickly Pear Seed Oil, which is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin E and antioxidants. Plant Ceramides strengthen, while extracts of Inula Flower - found on the coast of...

    53.00 €
  • JO HANSFORD Hair Conditioner for everyday use.Jo Hansford Everyday Conditioner is a gentle, daily use conditioner to nourish and protect your colour treated hair, keeping it glossy and radiant. Jo Hansford Everyday Conditioner locks in your colour with its Professional Anti-Fade Formula and unique Heliovita Colour-Care complex Paraben and sulphate...

    29.50 €
  • The Mask No.1 provides a deep and long lasting moisturising effect which reinforces, regenerates and invigorates hair without making it heavy or leaving a feel of residues. It’s luxury formula has a creamy texture with a pearly shine. For normal to dry hair. Directions: Apply Mask No.1 to cleansed and towel-dry hair, avoiding the hair roots while paying...

    55.00 €