• RIVOLI Relaxing Tonic is an alcohol free lotion for toning and refreshing the skin. Rivoli Relaxing Tonic stimulating the skin’s natural capacity to protect itself,  removes all impurities and leaves skin perfectly moisturized, soothed and smooth.

    57.00 €
  • VELVET HYDRATION is an organic floral water that contains synergistic plant extracts that provide the skin with nutrients and active substances. It purifies, refreshes and hydrates the skin. This floral water contains antioxidants that protect and strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin. It is ideal for skin types that are reactive and hypersensitive...

    69.00 €
  • Facial Balancing Toner. Grown Alchemist has created a invigorating and refreshing toner for an instant lift and radiant glow of skin.  Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner leaves skin clean, balance and soft, refining facial pores and skin tone.  His exclusive blend of olive and chamomile extracts gently tighten and smooth without drying the skin and ginseng...

    29.00 €
  • Today most cleansers are water-soluble so toners are not necessary to remove the excess. Hydrating mist is a unique aromatic spray that is essential after cleansing to replenish the natural moisture levels of the skin. This alcohol free lotion contains a combination of essential oils and other ingredients suspended in Hyaluronic fluid an important...

    38.00 €
  • Zelens Z Balance is a multi-benefit facial mist with a unique, symbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics supports skin’s natural defences and replenishes moisture.  Zelens Z Balance makes skin appear smoother, supple and noticeably revived, every time it is used.

    58.00 €
  • Emma Hardie Plump & Glow is a moisture-packed hydrating facial mist to add comfort, plumpness and luminosity to the skin throughout the day. This ultra-fine and lightweight formula contains soothing Aloe Vera to promote collagen synthesis, Velvet Flower to help soften, Wild Watermint to tone, moisturise and protect, and Hyaluronic Acid to help plump...

    53.00 €
  • David Mallett FRESH is a daily refreshing hair and face mist with organic cucumber.  • Helps to prevent and reduce irritation and dryness • Provides instant hydration and a cooling effect • Protects against environmental aggressors • Revitalizes tired hair and can increase hair growth • Healthy complexion and hair that is full of life For all types of...

    39.00 €
  • Pestle & Mortar Balance Mist is rich in Magnesium to boost skin health, improving hydrating and balancing skin's production of sebum. Soothing and refreshing. Pestle & Mortar Balance Fine Misting Facial Spritz is formulated using bio-available Magnesium present in a deep sea extract harvested from the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean off the...

    30.00 €
  • Alexander Sprekenhus Balancing Toner is a gentle toner suited to all skin types. Sprekenhus Balancing Toner blend Rosemary and Ylang Ylang extracts to offers light hydration and anti-oxidant protection. Pores are refined while skin is cleansed of any remaining grime and gently prepared for subsequent hydration.

    40.00 €
  • Linda Meredith Collagen Synergie is scientifically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, boost hydration, increase elasticity and even out skin-tone. An ideal travel-sized treatment when you need that extra boost, it will revitalise and refresh, regenerate and soothe. Get your skins natural radiant glow back, instantly.

    136.50 €
  • The perfect post-cleanse treatment, Dr Barbara Sturm’s Balancing Toner effectively cleans up any missed dirt, make up and debris from cleansing while also tightening and toning pores, balancing sebum levels and acting as a brilliant base for moisturiser. Innovative Sugar Biovector regulates the natural pH value of the skin to support the Acid Mantle....

    55.00 €
  • Lightweight and filled with hydrating properties, BIOEFFECT EGF Essence makes skin feel softer and look healthier with regular use. Deeply replenishing, the essence prepares your complexion for moisturisers and serums and increases their EGF effectiveness. The product is blended with Icelandic water and absorbs quickly, meaning no residue is left behind...

    90.00 €