AQUIS Hair Turban

Manufacturer: Aquis

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Designed for fine, delicate, and/or thinning hair, and for all hair lengths, our Lisse Luxe Turbans quickly and gently dry strands to a damp stage, with less friction, to minimize frizz and damage - all hands-free.

AQUIS Hair Turbans are made with AQUITEX, an innovative fabric woven from ultra-fine fibers to create a lightweight material with superior water-wicking capabilities that is gentle on your hair.

Size 27x74cm

Composition:80% Polyester, 20% Nylon
Product type:3.3. Capilar Styling
Hair Type2. Normal Hair

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Aquis Towel

superior product that would contribute positively to women’s lives. She loved her Marin County roots and hair worn in a wavy beach style. Between her love for horses and working in the sports industry, Britta had very little time to wait for her hair to dry or style it with damage causing hair dryers, products and styling tools. “Wash and Wear Hair” resonated deeply and led to the idea of AQUIS.      

When water absorbs into your hair, the inside core of the strand swells and bloats, pushing open the protective layers (called cuticles) which allow more water into the hair. Leaving your hair waterlogged weakens it, leading to cuticle and hair breakage, which causes frizz, damage, tangles, and dullness – basically, a very bad hair day.

Aquis hair technology is haircare reinvented. Aquis innovate products that help minimize water absorption and restore hair to its natural healthy state.

After washing, gently squeeze excess water from hair. Flip hair forward, wrap and twist turban, then secure the loop around the button at the nape of the neck. Leave the turban on until hair is damp to the touch.

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