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Daniel Josier - Josune 100ml

Manufacturer: Daniel Josier

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Olfactory family: Woody Musk.

After studying about mind control and positive thinking, Daniel Josier decided to launch his latest creation is. A fragrance full of energy and positive thinking!
Initially perfume was to be called "Positive Thinking" but the end result and 

The freshness of bergamot and the softness and sensuality of rose and jasmine notes make us think in a positive, calm and authentic woman. In the heart we discover a captivating woman with earthy notes mixed with the sensuality of sandalwood, mingling with the sweetness and power of chocolate.

Top notes: Bergamot, rose, jasmine.
Middle notes: Patchouli, sandalwood and iris.
Base notes: Vanilla, musk and praline.

Perfumer:Daniel Josier
Olfactory Family:Woody Floral
Top notes:Bergamot, rose, jasmine.
Middle notes:Patchouli, sandalwood and iris.
Base notes:Vanilla, musk and praline.
Concentration:Eau de Parfum

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Daniel Josier

Daniel JosierFormed in Versailles ISIPCA and having worked closely with one of the greatest of perfumery as Jean Claude Ellena, the spanish Daniel Josier has decided to create his own niche brand. Originality, authenticity and elegance beyond the markets is what gives us Josier Daniel.

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