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Heliotrope - Etro

Manufacturer: Etro Profumi

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Olfactory family: Oriental Floral. 

Etro Heliotrope, a perfect evocation of the birth of nature.
The scent of early spring. Sweet, comforting and inviting. A pink flower, used by sorcerers to bring the truth to light. It leaves a trail of creamy, languid, sugary vanilla that takes us back to the dreams of adolescence. A sharp regret softened by the sweetness of almonds.

Top notes: Bergamot, petit grain and almond.
Middle notes: Ylang-ylang, heliotrope, rose, jasmine.
Base notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Tolu balsam, musk.

Olfactory Family:Oriental Floral
Top notes:Bergamota, petit grain y almendra.
Middle notes:Ylang-ylang, heliotropo, rosa, jazmín.
Base notes:Haba tonka, vainilla, bálsamo Tolu, almizcle.
Concentration:Eau de Cologne

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Etro Profumi

Etro is an Italian fashion house and manufacturer of fabrics, accessories, leather goods, clothes and fragrances. It was founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro, and it is still the family business.

Fragrances, colours, thoughts and Etro’s perfumes filtered into a picture book like a recipe album. A novel idea to remind us that just as the cooking of food was the first sign of civilisation, perfumes - the refined transformation of the aromatic notes that surround us - are another sublime sign of civilisation. Perhaps its most mysterious and exciting because impalpable, ephimeral, invisible.

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