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Fleur - Floris London

Manufacturer: Floris London

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Olfactory family: Floral Fruity. 

Accented with fruity bursts of zesty grapefruit, peach and cool melon, this youthful, floral fragrance from Floris is a sparkling scent perfect for summer.

Top notes: Bergamot, grapefruit, melon, peach and lily.
Middle notes: Jasmine, muguet, rose, ylang-ylang and violet.
Base notes: Sandalwood and musk.

Olfactory Family:Floral Fruity
Top notes:Bergamot, grapefruit, melon, peach and lily.
Middle notes:Jasmine, muguet, rose, ylang-ylang and violet.
Base notes:Sandalwood and musk.
Concentration:Eau de Toilette

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Floris London

Juan Faeminas FlorisFloris is a London-based perfumery house that has been in operation since 1730 and continues to be run by descendants of the founders. Originally founded by Juan Famenius Floris and his wife, Elizabeth, Floris sold grooming and shaving products as well as perfumes from their 89 Jermyn Street location.

They received a Royal Warrant in 1820 as "Smooth Pointed Comb Maker" to King George IV. Royalty, historical figures and celebrities have long been customers of Floris, whose famed clientele includes Florence Nightengale, Winston Churchill, explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and actress Marilyn Monroe.

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