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Hyde Park - Hugh Parsons

Manufacturer: Hugh Parsons

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Olfactory family: Oriental Woody.

Hyde Park is the largest and greenest Royal Park in London: huge, wonderful and evocative. The different kind of plants, the large thematic garden, such as the Rose Garden, offer a visual and olfactory sensations, absolutely unique.
These are the features that inspired perfumer Maurizio Cerizza to create a completely original fragrance.

Hugh Parsons Hyde Park opens with the green notes of Fig Leaves, with citrus accents of Bergamot, Spicy Pink Pepper and Angelica, exalted by the green and fruity notes of Cassis and Davana. The body of the fragrance is flowery, it is inspired by the theme gardens of Hyde Park and it is composed by Damask Rose and Jasmine Sambac that blend in a sophisticated union with the fragrance of fig. The fragrance closes with the woody notes of Patchouli, Wood Fig and Vetiver of Haiti in agreement with notes of Incense, Labdanum, Amber and Musk that ensure great persistence.

Head: Bergamot, Fig leaves, Cassis, Angelic, Davana, Pink Pepper.
Heart: Fig, Jasmin Sambac, Rosa Damascena.
Background: Patchouli, Fig wood, Vetiver of Haiti, Incense, Labdanum, Amber

Perfumer:Maurizio Cerizza
Olfactory Family:Oriental Woody
Top notes:Bergamot, Fig leaves, Cassis, Angelic, Davana, Pink Pepper.
Middle notes:Fig, Jasmin Sambac, Rosa Damascena.
Base notes:Patchouli, Fig wood, Vetiver of Haiti, Incense, Labdanum, Amber, Musk.
Concentration:Eau de Parfum

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Maurizio Cerizza

Though many noses can talk of growing up in a household of perfumers or industry insiders, Maurizio Cerizza’s childhood connection with scent was even closer to the source: his father ran EMA, one of Italy’s oldest and only essential oil extraction conglomerates. The mentor of his training was Renè Ricord, teacher at the renowned Roure perfumery school and Jean Charles’ assistant.

Throughout his 30-year career, he’s created more then 100 fragrances. Among his masterpieces it is worth mentioning RoccoBarocco, Genny, Profumi di Pantelleria, Pineider, Cale’ Fragranze d’Autore, Panama 1924, Merchant of Venice, La Martina, Hugh Parson and many others.

Hugh Parsons

Since 1925, the English Hugh Parsons tie brand is synonymous with quality and elegance in the character of British tradition. In Regent Street, London founded, the company specialized in a particularly delicate ties for the discerning gentleman and stands for quality, elegance and, not least for British tradition.
All raw materials are carefully selected and processed with great attention to detail, ensuring the success and unchanged until today the reputation of Hugh Parsons.
With the scents of the brand Hugh Parsons is noble, classic men's fragrances, which carry on the traditional and elegant style of British designer tie.

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