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Manufacturer: Iles Formula

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The Iles Turban Towel is very practical for removing excess water quickly and gently from hair at home, the gym or after swimming. It also is the perfect towel to keep hair protected while removing makeup and cleansing skin.

This 'Signature Hair Turban Towel' is made from extra soft microfiber that quickly absorbs moisture, while reducing static and breakage. The elasticated edges and button closure ensure a secure, snug fit.

Available in white or grey.

The Iles Formula Turban Towel is delivered in a resealable bio degradable bag that is ideal for the gym or traveling.

Size 18x22x26cm.

Product type:3.3. Capilar Styling

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Wendy Iles

As one of the most sought after hair stylists in the industry today, Wendy Iles has become internationally acclaimed for mastering the art and science of hair and beauty.

During her years of work on some of the most prestigious beauty campaigns in the hair industry and serving as a go to hairstylist to top celebrities, Wendy identified early on that she needed super charged high-performance hair care that could provide instant hair repair and visible results for celebrity clients walking the red carpet or models on global beauty campaigns.

Iles Formula is a 3 step high performance hair care system. It’s unique blend of proprietary high grade repair and care ingredients are the secret behind Iles signature spun silk hair finish.

On a professional set, the hair stylist has only one chance to get it right. The ILES FORMULA was born out of the need for a high performance professional product that would work fast on any hair texture and deliver perfect results every time.

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How to use Iles Formula 3 step Haircare System:

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