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Cleansing Water - IOXEL

Manufacturer: IOXĒL

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IOXĒL Cleansing Water is adynamic water sweeps away make-up and deeply cleanses the skin, effectively eliminating traces of pollution, fine dust and make-up.  

The Cleansing Water is an exclusive product formulated with revolutionary ionized oxygen, the only molecule able to flow through the skin via ionic swarm.

Revitalizes skin layers and promotes a radiant complexion thanks to its smoothing and exfoliating abilities. Prepares the skin for everyday treatments, helps to close dilated pores, enhances microcirculation and boosts cell metabolism, countering signs of aging, stress, sun exposure and pollution.

Ideal as a base for subsequent beauty treatments. Fragrance free. 100% natural.

How to use: After cleansing apply one or two doses to a cotton pad and gently smooth over face, neck, neckline and around eyes.

Size: 100ml

Product type:1.2. Face Toner
Solution / Skin:Anti-Ageing
Direction to use:After cleansing apply one or two doses to a cotton pad and gently smooth over face, neck, neckline and around eyes.

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IOXEL Dr Albertelli

Ioxèl is based on Ionized oxygen, obtained through an exclusive and patented production process. Ionized oxygen contains an electric charge, allowing it to flow through all five layers of the skin via ionic swarm, triggering metabolism in a series of cell-renewing reactions. 

In IOXĒL’ factory, a team of schientest, led by Dr. Albertelli, has managed to trap in a gel this particular form of Oxygen, O2 - which thanks to its electrical charge can penetrate deep into the dermis. In the passage, called " ionic swarm**", oxygen reactivates the circulation and stimulates the metabolism of the cells, leading to the absorption of all the fundamental nutrients for our skin.

**Ionic swarm: the o2- unlike molecular oxygen o2, it does not need the hemoglobin - blood shuttle transport system, but it is able to spread through biological fluids. (an electrically charged product spreads, thanks to the selective affinity for the extracellular matrix, through the water present in the tissues - normal oxygen needs a vector - reaching all itissues, even those excluded from the vascular

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