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Orlando - Jardins D'Écrivains

Manufacturer: Jardins D'Écrivains

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Olfactory family: Woody Spicy.

Virginia Woolf

Jardins d’Ecrivains puts its own interpretation on the fascinating Virginia Woolf fantasy. An androgynous character with eternal youth, Lord Orlando in the Elizabethan era becomes Lady Orlando in the 18th century.

Quirky blends with the eclectic and timeless in a spellbinding fragrance. Irrational dreams, an eastern monarchy and a sense of the divine linger in its wake.

An unusual character comes through in the first notes, before the transcendent heart of the fragrance draws you in. And the warm, soft base notes convey its delicate spirit.


Head: Orange - Pink peppercorn - Ginger
Heart: Amber - Patchouly - Cloves
Background: Wood of Gaiac - Musk - Balsam of Peru

Perfumer:Anaïs Biguine
Olfactory Family:Woody Spicy
Top notes:Orange - Pink peppercorn - Ginger
Middle notes:Amber - Patchouly - Cloves
Base notes:Wood of Gaiac - Musk - Balsam of Peru
Concentration:Eau de Parfum

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Jardins D'Écrivains Perfumes

Jardins D’Écrivains - Anaïs Biguine When creating the world of Jardins D’Écrivains, Anaïs Biguine combined her passions, perfume and literature. Inevitably, she eventually expressed her complicity with certain writers through scent. A trail of scent is so evocative, and can be the vehicle for a memory or a poem.

Far removed from futuristic trends, Jardins D’Écrivains speaks to us of literary giants who traverse the various eras and still have the power to transcend…

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