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  • RMS ReEvolve Natural Fininish Liquid Foundation is a silicone-free, skincare infused daily wear liquid foundation. Formulated with ingredients like advanced Tightenyl™, moisture-rich vegetable squalane, soothing organic aloe and our signature rms adaptogenic herbal blend bottled up in an innovative, refillable package. Fresh feeling and easy to blend,...

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  • Natural konjac root sponge has been used for over 1500 years in traditional Japanese medicine for its ability to gently cleanse and remove dead skin cells. H Soaps KONJAC is a konjac sponge with pink clay, a mixture of red and white clay, that rebalances the skin’s natural pH leaving the complexion cleansed, refined and smooth. Ideal for daily skin...

    6.50 €
  • 3 ORGANIC COTTON MUSLIN TOWELS... To complete your cleansing routine, Hortensia offers you these organic cotton muslin cloths. Three cotton cloths to gently rinse the soap while friction removes impurities and gently exfoliates leaving skin radiant. The rotation of two cloths is recommended, which must be washed regularly to avoid contamination.  

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  • U BEAUTY Super Body Hydrator is a luxe emulsion that absorbs instantly and offers skin-fortifying benefits thanks to its groundbreaking formula. U Beauty’s latest addition to their streamlined collection tones and nourishes parched limbs with a luxurious cream texture. The double patent-pending ‘Dual SIREN Capsule Technology’: ‘Siren’ and ‘Hydra-Siren...

    138.00 €
  • Emma Hardie Lotus Flower Blemish Treatment is a producto to target blemishes with salicylic acid that acts to reduce redness and blemishes. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial witch hazel helps to reduce pores. With egyptian lotus and sacred lotus to reduce appearance of oily skin. 

    22.00 €
  • EMMA HARDIE Lotus Flower Cream with egyptian lotus and sacred lotus reduce appearance of oily skin. Lotus Flower Cream helps to reduce appearance of inflammation and stressed skin. Helps to tighten pores. Boosts hydration throughout all skin layers. Build a protective barrier to atmospheric and domestic pollution. Prebiulin aga supports rebuilding of the...

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    45.00 €
  • Emma Hardie Lotus Flower Serum with egyptian lotus and sacred lotus helps to reduce appearance of oily skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of inflammation, redness, and stressed skin. Helps to tighten pores. Wild Indigo extracts calm the skin and improve skin tone. 

    50.00 €
  • EVE LOM Foaming Cream Cleanser is an hydrating, enzyme-infused cleanser for all skin types. Infused with soothing enzymes and an abundance of naturally occurring ingredients, EVE LOM Foaming Cream Cleanser nourishes skin as it cleanses, revealing a more radiant glow with each use. EVE LOM Foaming Cleanser is a silky-smooth cream foams with a splash of...

    55.00 €
  • MZ Skin Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum is a highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Serum with 5 different weights of Hyaluronic Acid in a signature Hydrating Complex. Powerhouse actives, including Snow & Reishi Mushrooms, are brimming with anti-inflammatory benefits, from reducing redness and irritation to scarring. The result – enhanced, hydrated skin...

    143.00 €
  • Travel size!! The culmination of Zelens’ founder Dr. Lens’ long-held passion for the skin-boosting power of botanicals, the Z-22 Ultimate Face Oil is a silky, smooth treatment that promises to instantly hydrate skin while promoting elasticity in the long run. Zelens Z-22 Face Oil this is a blend of 22 precious plant oils, carefully chosen for their unique...

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  • CODAGE The HAND & BODY LOTION is a fluid and light emulsion which nourishes and soothes. Enriched with organic coconut oil and jasmine floral water, it leaves the skin soft, comfortable and delicately perfumed. Its melting texture penetrates quickly the skin, without leaving any oily film. Hand and Body Milk soothes your skin in particular thanks to...

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  • Zelens Lip Enhancer is a multi-benefit lip treatment that helps achieve perfectly refined, irresistibly soft lips. Visibly enhances moisture, volume and definition, while reacting to your lips to give them a sheer shade of pink that’s unique to you.  The innovative formula delivers not only a burst of hydration but a unique shade of pink that reflects and...

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