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Hydrating Conditioner - Dr. Barbara STURM

Manufacturer: Dr Barbara Sturm

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Dr Barbara Sturm's hair conditioner is packed with lock-loving ingredients that will envelop your hair in hydration — much needed for those of us that have got a little heat-happy, or simply struggle with an unmanageable mane.

Organic shea butter adds all of the hydration and helps to repair and detangle even to the most dry or brittle hair, while cationic hyaluronic acid injects hydration deeply within the hair shaft, ensuring long lasting softness, suppleness and shine. Pro-vitamin B5 smooths your hair’s outer layer (without weighing it down!), reducing frizz and giving dull hair volume, fullness and vitality. Finally, sunflower sprouts extract and tara extract protect against the damage caused by heat, UV damage and pollution. 

How to use: Massage into wet hair after shampooing, allowing 1-3 minutes for the ingredients to be absorbed. Rinse thoroughly.

Size: 250ml

Product type:3.2. Capilar Conditioning
Hair Type2. Normal Hair
Size:250 ml.
Direction to use:Apply the serum directly to a wet or dry scalp and to the Massage into wet hair, (allowing 1-2 minutes to work in), then rinse thoroughly.

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Key ingredients: Manteca de karité, pantenol, extracto de verdolaga, ácido hialurónico catiónico, extracto de brotes de semillas de girasol, extracto de tara

Dr Barbara Sturm

Raaw in a Jar Founder

Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetics doctor, world-recognized for non-surgical anti-aging treatments and rejuvenation of the skin matrix.
Dr. Sturm translated her orthopedic research and practice into revolutionary advances in aesthetic non-surgical medicine. One example is her incubation, centrifugation and re-introduction of a patient’s own blood proteins. When combined with hyaluronic acid and injected, this treatment has an anti-inflammatory and highly regenerative effect on the cellular level that returns the youthful glow and effectively combats some of the central causes of skin aging.

Inspired by her daily work Dr. Sturm has formulated Molecular Cosmetics for those who have always wanted an uncomplicated yet highly effective skincare regime that hydrates, protects and regenerates the skin. The line is a synergy of unique and innovative active ingredients combined with potent natural extracts. The skincare line deploys the anti-aging ingredient Purslane, also called the “fountain of youth drug”.
Purslane activates the immortality enzyme telomerase in our cells and delivers anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects to the skin. The best from aesthetic medicine and nature, made in Germany.

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