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Manufacturer: Timeblock

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timeblock® ANTI HAIRLOSS SERUM is a cell-active treatment with phytoestrogen isoflavandiol (EQUOL), which is effective against hereditary hair loss and strengthens hair down to the roots. 

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blocks the growth phase of the hair and leads to thin, weak hair or hair loss, but the isoflavandiol EQUOL contained in high dosage in timeblock® BEAUTY FULL HAIR – ANTI HAIRLOSS SERUM effectively counteracts congenital hair loss and strengthens the hair already at the hair root.

Lecithin – an essential component of the walls of the body and hair cells – supplies the hair with moisture, rebuilds the natural protective coat and ensures shiny and smooth hair. Antioxidant oils (rosemary, orange, geranium) support hair growth by stimulating circulation in the hair follicles, harmonizing sebum production and promoting scalp well-being.

How to use: Distribute timeblock® BEAUTY FULL HAIR – ANTI HAIRLOSS SERUM with the dosing tip evenly directly on the scalp between the cleaned, towel-dried strands. Now massage it in gently. Depending on your needs, the product can be used daily to weekly.

Size: 3x20ml

Product type:3.2. Capilar Conditioning
Hair Type9. Hair Loss
Direction to use:Distribute timeblock® BEAUTY FULL HAIR – ANTI HAIRLOSS SERUM with the dosing tip evenly directly on the scalp between the cleaned, towel-dried strands. Now massage it

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timeblock® began as a research into cancer-prevention, and the analysis resulted in findings that identified several plants –out of the 118 species tested– having remarkable anti cancer properties. These crops had been growing in high altitudes, and through experiments, our researchers realised that low CO2 level in the air is an essential requirement for optimal herbal nutrients and microfauna to obtain perfect pH values. Therefore we cultivate our ingredients under organic conditions at extreme elevations of over 1,500m.

timeblock® provides cells with the optimum support for regeneration. It slows down the ageing process right where the process begins – in the DNA – and preserves the fresh, youthful appearance of the skin and body.

Clean and scientific, the timeblock® system is rich in plant-based, non-toxic ingredients. Our skin care range is paraben, SLS, fragrance and alcohol-free, and rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. The timeblock Day and Night capsules are Vegan, non-GMO, gluten and lactose-free.


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